OCTOBER 26, 2013




Are you ready?

Are you ready?


One week ago today, the city of Wichita announced that a devastating virus has infected the greater metropolitan area.  The virus attacks the human blood stream and forces its way into the human brain.  The virus has infected citizens of El Dorado, Wichita, and the surrounding communities and is transmitted through a zombie bite.  Any and all infected by it transform into terrorizing, flesh eating zombies

Quarantine has been set up at El Dorado Lake State Park to prevent the spread of the disease.  The unaffected population should get to the quarantined area as quickly as possible..

What is the Trail of Terror Zombie Chase?

The Zombie Chase is a 4 mile obstacle race that will test your innermost soul.  Do you love zombie movies, trail running, obstacles, or just want to get out of the 9 to 5 grind?  Well, the Zombie Chase is for everyone.  Your time will be recorded, but you will have to dodge countless brain-eating, terrifying, infected zombies to reach the quarantine zone.

How to Play

1) You are given three flags to guard with your life.  They represent the unaffected few.
2) The objective of this run is to finish with at least one flag.
3) The is goal is to survive the zombie infestation.  The fastest and strongest might not make it.  Do you have the will to survive?

A Few Highlights

  • The Trail of Terror Zombie Chase happens day and night! Can you escape from a zombie pack in the Dark??
  • Obstacles, Water Crossings, Zombies and Mud (isn’t this what everyone wants!?)
  • Some of the course will be through the woods and open prairie(think Children of the Corn)
  • BEER!!!!(to those of age of course)
  • Survivor Medals or Dog Tags(did you survive the attack?)
  • Quarantine After Party
  • Proceeds to local charities
  • Cash Prizes!!

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